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LightMirror Sunlight beam module

We are designing a sun beam focusing module. We will apply to the EIC Pathfinder space challenge in October 2024.

Our vision

LightMirror's space project envisions a safer space environment through the innovative application of concentrated solar technologies. Our objective is to reduce space debris using the sun's immense power, employing our advanced sun beam focusing module. Utilizing large fields of mirrors, we gather and concentrate sunlight into a highly focused beam. This intense light is directed towards space debris, causing the objects to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere and disintegrate. During regular times, the facility will keep a dual use by producing energy. We believe in the potential of sunlight not only as a renewable energy source here on Earth, but also as a tool for managing the space environment. 

cloud of debris around sattelites

What's the purpose?

Space debris poses a growing threat to our planet's orbit. In the mere six decades since the advent of space exploration, we've filled the space around our planet with more than a hundred million fragments of debris. This detritus, including old rocket parts, defunct satellites, and remnants from collisions and explosions, perpetually encircles Earth at high speeds, reaching up to 25,000 km/h.

Such high-velocity debris not only threatens our existing satellites - integral to our daily lives for GPS, weather forecasting, and high-speed internet - but also human space missions and even our planet's security. Unexpected collisions can generate even more debris, exacerbating the problem. If left unchecked, this escalating issue could render our path to space untraversable. Addressing this daunting challenge, scientists and engineers worldwide strive to develop effective space debris collection, recovery, and transformation strategies. It's a race against time, with the task of cleaning space becoming one of the 21st century's most significant technological and scientific challenges.


Large field of mirrors is used to collect and concentrate sunlight onto a beam-forming system, creating a highly focused beam of light that is redirected towards space debris. The heat generated by the beam would cause it to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere and burn up.

Our module

Sun Beam module entrance lense


The entrance mechanism draws inspiration from existing solar tube technology and is comprised of a series of mirrors and lenses. This configuration enables the efficient transfer of light into a bundle of optical fibres. 


The second component of the module is an optical amplifier, which serves to enhance the coherence length of the sunlight and control the distribution of the spectrum around a single wavelength. 

Optic fiber amplifier sun beam module
Sattelite transmitting sun beam

Output control

The module features a precise mechanical arm at the exit to enable directional control of the beam. This arm and algorithm ensure that the beam is delivered with accuracy, tracking the debris target with smaller laser power.

green beam_edited.jpg

Join Us in Clearing the Path to the Stars! 🚀

If you're a professional working with a concentrated solar facility, or a university researcher dedicated to making space safer and more accessible, we invite you to join our application to EIC Pathfinder. 

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