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Light Mirror
Architecture of sunlight

The concept is simple, inclined reflective panels at the edge of one roof redirect sunlight to another building. This sunlight becomes a controllable asset, offering numerous benefits such as free solar gains and natural light, thanks to the reflective solar panels' ability to efficiently reflect sunlight.

The system employs solar panel mirror redirectors placed by heliostats algorithm to redirect daylight towards the openings of a building (windows and others) to increase the solar thermal gain and thus reduce the building's heating consumption. Installed on the roof's edge or in the upper part of a facade, this reflective panel allows for passive control of the sunlight's direction, redirecting solar light from places with no direct calorific interest into the buildings.

The product does not require motorization or electricity. It is a simple, flat, reflective glass frame firmly attached to a roof. A bolt can change the orientation angle of the frame. It is designed to facilitate installation and durability.


Hospital Bed

In a nutshell

 LightMirror is a low-tech solar panel that does not produce electricity but reduces your energy consumption

GIS and big-data computation


A 3D city modelling study, with a simulation of the direct sunlight on facades, is used to help the authorities and the residents accept the project. The aim is to quantify direct sunlight and solar heat loss at each building in a city.

Interpretations of the data are rich:

  • cartography of the houses that do not receive solar heat through their windows and have energy precariousness

  • reduction of neighbourhood conflicts due to a sunlight shadowing

  • identification of areas where direct solar radiation is unnecessary and placement of the reflective panels to redirect the sunlight

  • calculation of the energy saved by residents and their new daylight factor

Our Services

We assist healthcare buildings in designing brighter and sunnier rooms while reducing their heating needs.

Architectural feasibility study
Feasibility study

Our Feasibility Study offers a comprehensive assessment of your building and its surroundings. We create a detailed plan including a product specification, technology selection, and a roadmap for implementation. This study provides clear answers on the product's appearance, functionality, and cost.

Feasibility study
Prototyping in 3d

We create physical prototypes that highlight the unique features and benefits of our product. Our team prepares an in-depth product specification, conducts an analysis of potential thermal gain, and quantifies the anticipated increase in natural daylight in your space. The prototypes are designed to give you a tangible representation of the product.

Sun and mountains
End-to-end product development

We provide a holistic service that takes you from the initial concept to the final installation of the reflective panels. We manage the entire process, coordinating with all partners involved, and ensure that the design is optimized to fit into your building's facade or roof, transforming your space into a brighter, more energy-efficient environment.


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Dimitri co founder of LightMirror

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Team leadership

Dimitri Ionescu

Dimitri Ionescu


French student entrepreneur of 2019


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Aleksandra Bulanova


Ex-Chief Commercial Officer in energy

Chief Commercial Officer

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Call for proposals

Seeking financial institution with ESCO contract experience to apply it on hospital sustainable energy renovation project.

Looking for a partner experienced in hospital infrastructure and energy-efficient renovation for the Rebuild Ukraine initiative in Poland or Ukraine.

Looking for a partner with hospital infrastructure in Lithuania to prototype an energy-efficient renovation strategy linked to Rebuild Ukraine initiative.

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