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Our Rebuild Ukraine contribution

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Nov 8, 2022

Building integrated renewable energy in a strategy for a fast renovation of Ukraine’s critical facilities...

According to the latest calculations from the World Bank, the expenses for rebuilding and restoring Ukraine have greatly increased to a staggering amount of €349 billion, covering the period between February 24th and June 1st 2022. The ongoing aggressive conflict initiated by Russia has made it imperative for immediate measures to be taken, especially in terms of preserving Ukraine's vital infrastructure. As President Zelenskiy stated, "Since October 10th, 30% of Ukraine's power plants have been demolished, leading to widespread power outages throughout the nation."

After these recent events, we were faced with the issue of how we could contribute our knowledge to assist Ukraine's efforts towards recovery. Our solution was presented through our unique proposal at the "EU cluster talks: Ukraine: How can clusters support business integration and recovery?"

At LightMirror, our focus is on a fast-track renovation project that aims to improve essential infrastructure in Ukraine, specifically healthcare and education facilities, which are currently struggling with power outages for communal heating. Our renovation approach is similar to our successful project at the Warsaw hospital and involves the implementation of LightMirror technology and infrared electric heaters, as well as the installation of batteries and the repair of windows and thermal bridges if necessary.

Our renovation method focuses on efficiency, speed, and minimizing disruptions. We ensure that each building's renovation is completed within two weeks, and our consortium not only creates plans but also conducts testing and oversees the product supply chain in the EU region.

One of the distinguishing factors of our approach is its focus on rapid installation, minimal material needs, and minimal construction efforts. Additionally, our method promotes the decentralization of heating production throughout the city, strengthening its resilience.

At LightMirror, we strongly believe in the potential of collaborative efforts and original ideas. Our involvement in the Rebuild Ukraine project showcases our steadfast dedication to these principles and our resolve to aid in guiding the way towards restoration.

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