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Our Rebuild Ukraine contribution


Nov 8, 2022

Building integrated renewable energy in a strategy for a fast renovation of Ukraine’s critical facilities...

The World Bank's recent estimates indicate that Ukraine's reconstruction and recovery costs have surged to an astronomical €349 billion between February 24th and June 1st 2022. The escalating war of aggression led by Russia has necessitated immediate action, particularly with regards to the maintenance of Ukraine's critical facilities. In the words of President Zelenskiy, “Since October 10th, 30% of Ukraine’s power stations have been destroyed, causing massive blackouts across the country.”

In the wake of these developments, we found ourselves confronted with the question - how could we lend our expertise to aid in Ukraine's recovery? Our answer came in the form of our innovative proposal made at the "EU cluster talks: Ukraine: How can clusters support business integration and recovery?".

At LightMirror, we've committed ourselves to a rapid renovation plan targeting critical facilities in Ukraine, such as healthcare and education centers, that are currently grappling with communal heating blackouts. Our renovation strategy echoes our work with the hospital in Warsaw, and includes installing LightMirror and infrared electrical heaters, installing batteries as well as refurbishing windows and addressing thermal bridges as needed.

Our unique approach to renovation prioritizes speed, efficiency, and minimal disruption. Each renovation project takes no longer than two weeks per building, and the consortium we've built will not only devise the plans but also test the renovation strategy and supervise the product supply chain within the EU area.

What sets our method apart is its emphasis on quick installation, minimal material requirements, and very limited construction work. Moreover, our approach decentralizes heating production across the city, thereby fortifying resilience.

We at LightMirror are firm believers in the power of collective action and innovative thinking. Our contribution to the Rebuild Ukraine initiative represents our unwavering commitment to these values and our determination to help illuminate the path towards recovery.

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