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EU Cluster conference Prague

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Sep 28, 2022

Discover insights from our intervention at the EU Cluster Conference in Prague...

The 2022 European Cluster Conference, a highly regarded event that brought together policymakers, cluster managers, and industry professionals, featured LightMirror's perspective on 'Enhancing, Updating, and Maintaining Talent in the European Industry.' This conference, which took place on September 26th and 27th, 2022 in Prague, provided a valuable opportunity to discuss the crucial role of clusters in addressing industry obstacles, with LightMirror playing a central role in the discussions.

The eighth conference in the series, which was focused on a different theme each year, was held in 2022 and organized by the Czech Ministry for Industry and Trade and the European Commission. The main focus of this year's event was on the impact of clusters on promoting green and digital transitions in Europe's value chains and strengthening their resilience.

To watch a video of the event, click here.

A Matchmaking event was held before the conference to facilitate networking and encourage trade, investment, and partnerships between Europe's value chains and ecosystems. The conference also served as a platform to advocate for clusters' role in implementing Transition Pathways in different industrial ecosystems, solidifying their position as influential entities in line with the revised EU Industrial Strategy.

The main goals of the conference were:

The aim is to initiate high-level policy conversations on the challenges and requirements that should be tackled in the aftermath of the pandemic, while also making the best use of clusters in implementing Transition Pathways. This will involve examining the most recent developments in cluster policies.

The conference aimed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Discuss the latest trends in cluster policies and stimulate high-level policy discussions on the challenges and needs to be addressed post-pandemic, making optimal use of clusters in the rollout of Transition Pathways.

  • Express views on how to efficiently address supply chain disruptions following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

  • Showcase the results of EU cluster initiatives and actions such as Euroclusters, Cluster Excellence, Internationalisation, SME Innovation Support, Industrial Modernisation, and Smart Specialisation.

  • Encourage synergies, exchange, and interaction between policymakers, practitioners, and experts at the European level.

  • Elect the European Cluster Manager of the Year and award the prize for the European Cluster Partnership of the Year.

The participation of LightMirror in these discussions highlights our dedication to promoting creativity, re-education, and further education within the field. Our presence at the convention reinforces our unwavering support for the joint effort towards a more environmentally-friendly and technologically advanced tomorrow, and we are eager about the potential prospects that await us.

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