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Climate impact


Jan 1, 2023

LightMirror is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 working on a daily...

LightMirror stands at the forefront of the drive towards greener, more conscious practices. Our commitment to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 provides the compass for our daily operations, leading us down the path of impactful, sustainable change.

One of our key priorities is Health and Wellbeing. We have in place a comprehensive risk prevention policy to safeguard the health and safety of our workers. Moreover, we are on a mission to boost health and wellbeing in healthcare buildings through our innovative products.

In our pursuit of Quality Education, we partner with local universities to offer courses on natural light in buildings and BREEAM and LEED certifications. We understand that learning never stops, hence, we also host in-house training courses to help our team adapt to evolving environments.

At LightMirror, we don't just talk about Gender Equality - we live it. With our Equality Plan, we ensure promotions are based on experience and merit, providing equal opportunities to all. It is noteworthy that two of our three co-founders are women.

Our commitment to developing products for buildings with low or zero energy consumption speaks volumes about our dedication to Accessible, Clean Energy. In order to reduce pollution from transport, we prioritize local suppliers and only work within the EU.

LightMirror is committed to Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure. We stand at the forefront of the reindustrialization of European countries, a claim substantiated by our awards at the 2022 EU Industry Days. Innovation and R&D remain at the core of our operations.

By bringing together a young, diverse team of various nationalities, we work towards Reducing Inequality. Our hiring practices ensure equal opportunities for all candidates.

Our commitment to Sustainable Cities and Communities sees us engaging with local universities, city councils, and EU clusters to promote green city development. Our products aim to foster more efficient buildings, leading to cleaner, more sustainable cities.

LightMirror's drive for Responsible Consumption and Production informs our reduction of material consumption for building renovation. Our methods achieve the same energy savings as classical insulation techniques but with 50 times less material.

Climate Action is integral to our work. We follow a circular economy approach, using and recycling aluminium to save energy by up to 95%. We work only with European suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint and conduct lifecycle analyses on every project to ensure alignment with our goals.

Our collaborations with Federated Innovation MIND in Italy and laboratories across the Baltics reflect our belief in Alliances to Achieve Goals. Through these partnerships, we are able to develop the most innovative and eco-friendly products.

At LightMirror, we understand that our commitment to sustainability goes beyond just words. We are making strides towards our goals every day, lighting the way towards a more sustainable future.

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