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Cleantech cluster Lithuania


Oct 24, 2022

Increasing the competitiveness and added value of cluster members and the entire sector...

We are thrilled to announce that LightMirror is now an official member of Cleantech Cluster Lithuania, a dynamic network of clean technology leaders dedicated to advancing sustainable solutions and pushing the envelope of innovation. By joining this powerful network, we have access to a host of cleantech experts, collaboration opportunities, and the chance to play a pivotal role in positioning Lithuania as a leader in clean technologies.

Becoming a part of this Cluster offers us the opportunity to engage with other cleantech companies both in Lithuania and internationally. We look forward to collaborating on the development of innovative solutions, participating in public tenders, and exploring international funding programmes.

Membership in Cleantech Cluster Lithuania not only elevates our corporate image, but it also underlines our commitment to responsibility, sustainability, and progress. We are excited to represent this esteemed organization and incorporate the Cluster's name and logo into our communication channels.

Cleantech Cluster Lithuania's mission aligns seamlessly with ours. It aims to boost the competitiveness and value of cluster members and the overall sector, nurture integration and interdisciplinary collaboration, and promote high-value solutions for clean technologies through research, development, and innovation.

As we step into this new chapter, we aspire to contribute to Cleantech Cluster Lithuania's vision of making Lithuania a cleantech leader in the Baltic Sea region. We firmly believe in our collective ability to drive significant change through clean technologies and are excited to embark on this journey together.

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