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Cleantech cluster Lithuania

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Oct 24, 2022

Increasing the competitiveness and added value of cluster members and the entire sector...

We are excited to declare that LightMirror has officially become a member of Cleantech Cluster Lithuania. This vibrant network consists of prominent figures in clean technology, who are committed to promoting sustainable solutions and driving innovation. As a part of this influential community, we have access to a variety of cleantech specialists, chances for collaboration, and the opportunity to contribute to Lithuania's recognition as a front-runner in clean technology.

Joining this Cluster provides us with the chance to interact with other cleantech businesses, both within Lithuania and globally. We are excited to collaborate on creating cutting-edge solutions, taking part in public bids, and exploring funding opportunities on an international level.

Being a part of Cleantech Cluster Lithuania not only enhances our company's reputation, but it also showcases our dedication to accountability, eco-friendliness, and advancement. We are thrilled to be a representative of this prestigious group and integrate their name and logo into our communication platforms.

The goal of Cleantech Cluster Lithuania is in perfect harmony with our own. Its objective is to enhance the competitiveness and worth of its member clusters and the industry as a whole, foster integration and interdisciplinary partnerships, and advance cutting-edge solutions for clean technologies through the pursuit of research, development, and innovation.

In our transition to this next phase, we aim to support Cleantech Cluster Lithuania's goal of establishing Lithuania as a leading cleantech force in the Baltic Sea area. We have full confidence in our collective capacity to bring about impactful transformation through the implementation of clean technologies and are enthusiastic about embarking on this journey together.

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