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Rebuild Ukraine

Estimations by the World Bank of the current cost of the reconstruction and recovery in Ukraine reach €349 billion between 24th of February and 1st June. While Russia's war of aggression intensified in October, the overall need for maintaining Ukraine's critical facilities requires an immediate response. According to Mr President Zelenskiy: “Since Oct 10, 30% of Ukraine’s power stations have been destroyed, causing massive blackouts across the country.”

After assisting last week at the "EU cluster talks: Ukraine: How can clusters support business integration and recovery?", we decided to propose our help with our consortium for a fast renovation plan of critical facilities (healthcare, education...) in Ukraine where the communal
heating has been blackout or is under threat of blackout.
We want to propose doing the same renovation we are planning for the hospital in Warsaw (LightMirror and infrared electrical heaters installation, plus a renovation of windows and thermal bridges where needed) for critical facilities in Ukraine.

Our renovation works take a maximum of a week per building. The consortium would provide the plans, test the renovation strategy and then supervise the supply chain of the products inside the EU area. The key value of our innovation is to propose a renovation method where the installation is very fast, needs almost no material and requires very small construction work. In addition, it decentralises heating production across the city and builds better resilience.

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