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31 mars 2023


Midjourney AI generated, upscaled and modified by Dimitri


Full screen painting



Experience the fluttering charm of our 'Butterflies' frescoes; an homage to nature's delicate and colorful creatures.


Discover the enchanting world of our 'Butterflies' frescoes; a celebration of life, color, and nature's quiet resilience. The fresco presents a meticulously detailed tableau of a sun-drenched meadow teeming with an array of vibrant butterflies. Each butterfly is distinct, their iridescent wings catching the light as they flit between the wildflowers that punctuate the verdant landscape. The wide-open, pastel-hued sky lends an air of infinite possibility and freedom. Using detailed brushwork and a color palette brimming with warm greens, vivid reds, and serene purples, the fresco creates a tranquil environment, alive with the rhythm of nature. The soft sunlight infuses the scene with a sense of warmth and gentleness, adding to the restorative ambiance of the fresco.


The 'Butterflies' fresco demonstrates the potential of art as a therapeutic medium, encouraging viewers to embrace the calming beauty of nature. The fresco draws parallels to the work of French impressionist artist, Claude Monet, especially his series 'Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge' (1897–1899), where LightMirror artist took inspiration of delicate water colors to enhances the serene ambiance.

The fresco's Eastern European counterpart could be the Polish painter, Józef Mehoffer, known for his symbolism-based paintings merging nature and art. His piece, 'Strange Garden' (1902–1903), doesn't solely focus on butterflies, but it encapsulates the enchanting essence of a vibrant garden inhabited by different insects, resonating with the spirit of 'Butterflies'.

Through these inspirations, 'Butterflies' weaves a story of tranquility and the restorative essence of nature, reminiscent of Monet's impressionist gardens and Mehoffer's symbolist landscapes, thus creating a nurturing and healing environment.

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