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World Circular Economy Forum

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Jun 1, 2023

The Future of Sustainability: Spotlight on the World Circular Economy Forum...

Helsinki, Finland - LightMirror recently embarked on a ClusterXchange trip to Finland, seeking to deepen its understanding of the circular economy landscape and forge meaningful connections with potential partners.

The enlightening three-day excursion, facilitated by Green Net Finland, offered an insider's perspective on Finland's circular economy strategy. A significant highlight of the journey was the team's attendance at the World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) in Helsinki. Dimitri Ionescu, CEO of LightMirror, shared his take on the event: "The WCEF served as an enriching platform, bringing together business leaders, government officials, and academic experts to share ideas and strategies for transitioning towards a circular economy. It was truly inspiring to witness the strides being made in the fields of recycling, materials reuse, and waste elimination."

The team's itinerary also included tours of state-of-the-art facilities demonstrating circular economy principles in real-time. They were given a first-hand look at Vantaa Energia's "waste-to-energy" plant that ingeniously converts waste materials into district heating and electricity. In addition, a visit to the HSY Sortti station provided insights into Finland's meticulous approach to sorting recyclables."We were greatly impressed by Finland's unwavering commitment to sustainability across all societal sectors," Dimitri added. "Our gracious hosts shared their in-depth expertise and aided us in identifying potential collaboration areas."

Through the ClusterXchange trip, LightMirror was able to establish valuable connections with Finnish companies interested in solar technology and the construction sector. These new partnerships, coupled with the insights gained from the visit, are set to guide LightMirror as they tailor their services and uncover fresh business opportunities.

Reflecting on the trip, Dimitri concluded, "This ClusterXchange exchange far exceeded our expectations. We're fueled by what we've learned and are eager to enhance cooperation between our Baltic and Nordic counterparts in our shared journey towards sustainability."

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