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Three Seas Leadership School

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Aug 25, 2022

The Three Seas Leadership School benefits for LightMirror...

During my experience, I was fortunate to receive guidance and knowledge from top professionals and mentors in the industry. Additionally, I had the opportunity to interact with 39 fellow emerging leaders from 12 diverse nations.

My experience was like this when I submitted my application for the Three Seas Leadership School. This summer program is one of a kind and is run by SGH Warsaw School of Economics, in partnership with the European Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development and the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange.

The Leadership School of the Three Seas offers a rigorous program spanning two weeks, with the goal of empowering emerging leaders from the Twelve Three Seas nations (Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia) to collaborate and share their visions for advancing our modern world.

The structure of the programme is comprised of three primary components: remote modules, stationary workshops and seminars, and focused workshops. These three parts encompass various subjects and abilities pertaining to business, social engagement, and civic policy, which are the three focal points of the Three Seas Initiative.

Being a business owner, my focus was on gaining knowledge about successful multinational corporations, creating exceptional teams, and expanding my startup. I was also intrigued by the potential of the Three Seas Initiative partnership and its potential advantages for both my business and the surrounding area.

With their assistance, I was able to enhance my business plan, pitch deck, and value proposition. In addition, they provided me with valuable perspectives and recommendations for penetrating new markets, identifying potential partners, and enticing new clientele.

The highlight of the program, nevertheless, was the individuals involved. I had the opportunity to connect with numerous gifted and motivating young individuals, who openly shared their narratives, struggles, and aspirations. We swapped our experiences and viewpoints, and gained knowledge from one another. Additionally, we had a great time and formed lifelong friendships.

The school for Three Seas Leadership has aided in my development as a successful leader in the business world. It has expanded my perspectives and introduced me to fresh prospects. In addition, it has emphasized the value of working together and building connections, highlighting the impact of the Three Seas community.

To all young and ambitious leaders hailing from the Three Seas countries, if you have a desire to create a beneficial influence on the world, I strongly urge you to consider applying for the upcoming cycle of the Three Seas Leadership School.

For further information on the program and how to apply, please visit the official website.

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