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Nov 30, 2023

Celebrating Excellence: LightMirror's cofounder get the Red Kalyna Prize...

Celebrating Women Innovators: Oleksandra Bulanova Wins Red Kalyna Prize

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Community's Red Kalyna Initiative has been celebrating the contributions of Ukrainian women innovators towards their local communities. The initiative, which spans various sectors including health, manufacturing, energy, food, and climate, has partnered with a diverse group of prominent institutions, including the Ukrainian Start-up Fund, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), the Women’s Business Chamber of Ukraine, and the National Research Foundation of Ukraine, among others.

A Prize for Innovation

Among the 30 Ukrainian women nominated for the Red Kalyna Initiative, nine remarkable individuals were shortlisted as finalists. One of these finalists was Oleksandra Bulanova, who was celebrated as a winner of the Red Kalyna prize at the EIT Jumpstarter Grand Final on November 30 in Athens, Greece.

The EIT Jumpstarter Grand Final brought together investors and over 30 innovative startups, marking a significant milestone for expanding contacts and seeking potential partners. Oleksandra Bulanova's participation in the event led to several promising connections and potential collaborations.

The ceremony is accessible on youtube, EIT Red Kalyna ceremony prize replay at 5:04:17: 

Recognition and Future Opportunities

As part of her prize, Oleksandra received a one-year membership in the Women’s Business Chamber of Ukraine, offering an extensive network with influential female leaders in Ukraine and amplifying the recognition of the LightMirror brand in the country. This membership will also play a pivotal role in assisting the company in securing funding and establishing partnerships for project implementation in Ukraine.

Moreover, Oleksandra, as a finalist, was awarded a DareInnovation deep tech Access Funding workshop and training on intellectual property rights from the EUIPO. In addition to the Red Kalyna prize, Oleksandra was one of the 3 jury for the EIT Jumpstarter competition on the New Bauhaus topic.

The Red Kalyna prize is a testament to Oleksandra Bulanova's innovative contributions and the potential of LightMirror's technology. As we celebrate her achievement, we look forward to the future opportunities and collaborations that this recognition will bring.

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