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Rebuild Ukraine forum

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Feb 15, 2023

Unmasking the Potential of Ukraine: Insights from the Rebuild Ukraine Forum...

The Rebuild Ukraine Forum, which took place on February 15-16, 2023 in Warsaw, Poland, brought together various individuals and organizations with the shared goal of developing strategies for rebuilding war-affected Ukraine. This included leaders from the Ukrainian community, experts in the construction industry, technology providers, and financial institutions. One notable participant was LightMirror, a solar architecture startup known for its unique methods of renovating infrastructure.

LightMirror demonstrated its one-of-a-kind combination of sustainable energy and architectural creativity by proposing a solution for quickly and effectively renovating essential structures like healthcare buildings and schools. Their strategy involves implementing modular facade enhancements that utilize renewable energy sources, resulting in a swift turnaround time of only two weeks and minimal interference.

Based on its previous project at a hospital in Warsaw, LightMirror utilized its experience to plan for the renovation. The project involves incorporating LightMirror panels, infrared heaters, and batteries, as well as refurbishing windows to improve energy efficiency.

According to their argument, the Ukrainian facilities can be rapidly renovated using this method to become brighter and more durable, with the addition of decentralized solar heating systems. This has the potential to reduce heating energy usage by 40%, making a substantial contribution to sustainability and resilience.

During his presentation at the forum, Ionescu mentioned that our renovation approach is similar to the one we used for the Warsaw hospital. It involves implementing LightMirror, infrared electrical heaters, battery installation, and window refurbishments. We also address any thermal bridges that may be present.

LightMirror is eager to share their knowledge and advanced technology with Ukraine and has expressed interest in working together on renovation initiatives for hospitals and schools in the country. They are actively seeking partnerships in Ukraine's construction industry and seeking funding opportunities to support these ambitious endeavors.

The Rebuild Ukraine Forum, attended by representatives and companies from over 50 countries within the construction industry, demonstrated the international dedication to rebuilding Ukraine. LightMirror was honored to play a role in this crucial undertaking, shining a light on the way to a stronger and more resilient future for Ukraine.

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