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New webdesign


Jun 28, 2023

Enhancing your Online Experience with Our New Web Design...

On July 1, 2023, LightMirror, is set to launch its new designed website, marking a fresh chapter in the company's digital journey. The brainchild of talented Ukrainian designer Marharyta Zamiatina, the website mirrors LightMirror's commitment to harnessing the power of sunlight across diverse applications.

LightMirror has etched its name in the realm of solar-centric architecture, focusing primarily on the refurbishment of healthcare buildings to create sun-drenched, functional, and sustainable spaces.

The firm's groundbreaking low-tech solar panel doesn't just generate electricity; it revolutionizes energy consumption. By cleverly redirecting daylight to a building's openings, it boosts solar thermal gain, slashing heating consumption. Installed on roofs or upper facades, this reflective panel offers passive control over sunlight's direction. LightMirror's comprehensive services span feasibility studies, prototyping, and end-to-end product development, aided by bespoke digital twin software that manages sunlight in building design. New website here.

This focus on solar solutions extends into LightMirror's ambitious space project. The mission? To make space safer by minimizing space debris using the sun's might. LightMirror is at the helm of developing a sunbeam focusing module, using large mirror fields to concentrate sunlight into a potent beam. This beam, when directed at space debris, forces them back into Earth's atmosphere, where they disintegrate. In regular times, the facility doubles as an energy producer. Dedicated website here.

LightMirror's innovation doesn't stop at architecture and space. The company also pioneers therapeutic, art-inspired healthcare design, under the "Fresco" banner. Focusing on enhancing wellbeing through the allure of nature-inspired art, LightMirror designs therapeutic frescoes for healthcare environments. Their service portfolio includes feasibility studies, project planning, fair budgeting, and stunning digital twin renderings. Website.

The newly launched website, accessible at, offers a seamless and immersive journey through LightMirror's dynamic portfolio. Each project—architecture, space, and Fresco—is meticulously detailed and presented, allowing visitors to delve into the company's rich expertise and innovative solutions.

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