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Les Assises du NewSpace - Saison 2

Dimitri + Claude 2

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Jul 5, 2023

Travel into the Future with Les Assises du NewSpace - Season 2...

At the Les Assises du NewSpace - Season 2, 2023, LightMirror's Dimitri showcased the company's cutting-edge ventures to the space industry's elite. This key event in the NewSpace sector unveiled LightMirror's pioneering research in novel materials and solar laser pumps, alongside telecom innovations and processes for space debris removal, marking a significant leap in space technologies and applications.

LightMirror, committed to enhancing space safety and sustainability, introduced its flagship project - a sunlight beam focusing module. With ambitions to enter the EIC Pathfinder space challenge in October 2023, the company is navigating new frontiers with its innovative technologies in solar energy harvesting for space applications.

LightMirror's visionary space project aims to combat the escalating space debris threat through concentrated solar technology. By harnessing and focusing sunlight into a powerful beam, the initiative seeks to guide this energy towards space debris, facilitating their re-entry into Earth's atmosphere for disintegration. This initiative underscores LightMirror's commitment to leveraging solar energy harvesting as a vital tool for active debris removal and space debris mitigation.

Space debris - defunct satellites, collision fragments, and discarded rocket parts - presents a formidable challenge to our planet's orbit. This debris, moving at high velocities, endangers critical satellites essential for GPS, weather forecasting, and high-speed internet, complicating space missions and posing security risks. Addressing this issue, with efforts in space debris removal and debris mitigation, is a global scientific and engineering challenge.

LightMirror's sunlight beam module is a three-part system:

  1. The innovative entrance mechanism, drawing inspiration from solar tube technology, employs a sophisticated array of mirrors and lenses to effectively channel light into an optical fibre bundle, showcasing an advanced application of solar concentrator technology for solar energy harvesting.

  2. The system incorporates an optical amplifier to boost the sunlight's coherence length and fine-tune the spectrum distribution around a single wavelength, highlighting the efficient use of solar thermal energy.

  3. Featuring a precise mechanical arm for beam direction control, complemented by an algorithm for accurate debris targeting with minimal laser power, this setup exemplifies LightMirror's prowess in space debris removal and on-orbit servicing.

During his presentation at Les Assises du NewSpace, Dimitri eloquently communicated LightMirror's mission to clear the path to the stars, enhancing space safety and accessibility. By introducing this revolutionary technology, LightMirror invites concentrated solar facility professionals and university researchers to collaborate on their EIC Pathfinder application, driving forward global efforts for a cleaner space environment through innovative space technologies and breakthrough research.

More information on our space project page.

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