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Introduction to Cleantech Cluster Lithuania

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Feb 6, 2023

First Look: Introducing Cleantech Cluster Lithuania...

We are delighted to announce that LightMirror, a leading Lithuanian cleantech startup, has been introduced as an official member of Cleantech Cluster Lithuania as of February 6th, 2023.

Cleantech Cluster Lithuania, a thriving network of clean technology leaders, is dedicated to advancing sustainable solutions and innovation. As an integral part of this network, LightMirror gains access to a rich ecosystem of cleantech expertise, cooperation possibilities, and a unique platform to position Lithuania as a front-runner in clean technologies.

Beyond augmenting our corporate profile, our membership in Cleantech Cluster Lithuania encapsulates our dedication to responsibility, sustainability, and progress. It gives us immense pride to represent this prestigious organization, and we are excited to incorporate the Cluster's name and logo into our communication channels.

The mission of Cleantech Cluster Lithuania resonates deeply with our values. The cluster strives to enhance the competitiveness and value of its members and the broader sector, foster integration and interdisciplinary collaboration, and promote high-value clean technology solutions through research, development, and innovation.

As we embark on this new journey, our aspiration is to contribute significantly to Cleantech Cluster Lithuania's vision of making Lithuania a cleantech leader in the Baltic Sea region. We firmly believe in our collective ability to drive substantial change through clean technologies and are thrilled to begin this joint endeavor.

As a part of our integration into the cluster, an introductory meeting for newcomers was held where we had the opportunity to meet other cluster members. The hosting of cluster member meeting was at premises on Sauletekio av. 15 at 13:00 on February 1st.

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