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EU Industrial forum

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Mar 7, 2023

Take a Front Row Seat at the EU Industrial Forum: Industry Evolution in Action...

Brussels, Belgium - LightMirror played a significant role at the 6th plenary meeting of the EU Industrial Forum on March 7, 2023. Industry leaders and policymakers congregated at the forum to discuss the pivotal role of Europe's industrial sector in the journey towards sustainability and digitalization.

LightMirror was invited to share their innovative approach to rapidly renovating buildings for enhanced energy efficiency. Co-founder of LightMirror, Dimitri Ionescu, emphasized the transformative potential of their approach during his presentation, "Our consortium works on modern energy systems in Ukraine, focusing on microgrids and alternative, green, and renewable energy."

The central theme of the EU Industrial Forum was the recently adopted Green Deal Industrial Plan. This plan is aimed at empowering European industries to lead the charge towards a global net-zero economy. LightMirror's solutions align perfectly with this vision, enabling the building sector's transition to clean energy.

"Europe must take bold strides towards mitigating climate change while simultaneously boosting its competitiveness. But it need fast actions." Ionescu added. "We stand ready to collaborate across the EU to scale these groundbreaking innovations."

In a bid to encourage policy amendments, LightMirror proposed priorities such as streamlining regulations around renewable energy infrastructure, bolstering funding support for demonstration projects and begin pilot projects for Ukraine reconstruction.

The EU Industrial Forum, which convenes twice a year, serves as a platform to advise the European Commission on policies aimed at fostering a more competitive, sustainable, and digital economy. It allowed LightMirror to contribute its expertise and stay abreast of the latest EU initiatives pertinent to cleantech startups.

Reflecting on LightMirror's participation, Ionescu said, "It was an honor to represent European innovation in green buildings at this influential policy gathering. We eagerly look forward to driving change through EU programs like the Global Gateway, and working in unison with partners across various sectors to meet our climate goals."

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