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Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs video

Dimitri + Claude 2

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Jan 23, 2023

Behind the Scenes of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Video: The Making of Young Business Leaders...

The European entrepreneurial landscape is replete with inspiring success stories, and Dimitri Ionescu, founder of Lithuanian cleantech startup LightMirror, is one such shining beacon. His journey, shaped significantly by the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs exchange program, is a testament to the power of international collaboration, innovation, and perseverance.

Watch Dimitri's success story on @ErasmusEntrepreneurs and be inspired to embark on your own entrepreneurial journey.

LightMirror, Dimitri's startup, is revolutionizing healthcare architecture by harnessing sunlight to reduce heating needs in hospitals and care homes. The company's innovative reflective panels, positioned at the edges of roofs, redirect sunlight to buildings, transforming natural light into a controllable, free asset. The benefits are twofold: reduced heating costs and an enhanced sense of wellbeing from increased natural light.

Dimitri's entrepreneurial journey began with the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program in Vilnius, Lithuania. A unique European exchange initiative, the program equips aspiring entrepreneurs with skills vital for initiating and successfully operating a small business within Europe. The format involves a new entrepreneur partnering with an experienced one, sharing and exchanging knowledge and business ideas over a period of 1 to 6 months. The European Commission partially finances these collaborative stints, reducing barriers for budding entrepreneurs.

The benefits are multifold. For new entrepreneurs like Dimitri, the program offers on-the-job training in a small or medium-sized enterprise in another participating country. This practical experience aids in kickstarting their business or solidifying a new enterprise. Participants also enjoy access to new markets, international cooperation, and potential collaboration opportunities with business partners abroad.

Host entrepreneurs also reap significant advantages. The influx of fresh ideas from a motivated newcomer can invigorate their business. Moreover, the newcomer may possess specialized skills or knowledge that complement the host's abilities, creating a synergy that benefits both parties. The collaboration can open doors to new European markets, novel business methodologies, and extensive networking opportunities.

The success story of Dimitri Ionescu and LightMirror showcases the transformative impact of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program. Dimitri's journey underscores the program's capacity to foster innovation, promote international collaboration, and drive entrepreneurial success. Coordinated at a European level by the Support Office of the Programme and financed by the European Commission, this initiative continues to be a critical platform for aspiring entrepreneurs. The program is free to apply to and participate in, further emphasizing its commitment to fostering entrepreneurial talent across Europe. More information here.

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