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EIT Clim accelerator Circular built environnement

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Dec 8, 2022

Explore EIT Clim Accelerator's Circular Built Environment, LightMirror was selected among...

We are pleased to share that LightMirror has recently taken part in the Circular ClimAccelerator Programme, a three-month program aimed at promoting circular economy through creative solutions. We are delighted to have secured a 50k€ investment from EIT Climate-KIC during this motivating experience.

The Accelerator Programme can be found at

The ClimAccelerator, organized by EIT Climate-KIC, was designed to speed up the growth of start-ups that have a circular focus and a positive impact on the climate. The program focused on identifying innovations that incorporate circularity strategies and measure their environmental impact, all with the goal of lessening the strain on the Earth's natural resources and promoting a circular shift in the socio-economic landscape.

LightMirror was given the chance to collaborate with fellow visionaries who were focusing on various thematic areas such as Circular Construction, Renewable Energies, Construction Material, Waste Management, and Mobility & Logistics.

The program provided a variety of advantages such as the opportunity to receive a grant of up to €21,500 (assuming acceptance of SAFE note terms), thorough explanations of potential investments, and the ability to network with experts in circular practices. Additionally, it included training and coaching sessions, chances to pitch and collaborate with investors, corporations, and city partners, and membership in an alumni community.

During a period of three months, the program was divided into three parts. The initial stage involved receiving assistance from LightMirror to create our business model. The second stage was centered on validation and gaining momentum, allowing our team to refine our offering. Ultimately, the third stage was specifically aimed at preparing us for potential investments and setting us up for future accomplishments.

Upon completing our involvement in the Circular ClimAccelerator Programme, we reflect on our experience with appreciation. We have acquired a confirmed business strategy, a comprehensive business proposal, and a deeper comprehension of our environmental influence. Our independent product, service, or solution has been created to seamlessly integrate into intricate operational systems, allowing for the expansion of our enterprise.

Our progress during this program is a source of great pride, and we are eager to utilize our newfound knowledge in pursuit of our goal to promote a sustainable future through cutting-edge technology. Participating in this project has truly reinforced our dedication to developing a more circular and environmentally friendly built environment.

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