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Developing Modern Energy system in Ukraine microgrid, alternative, green and renewable energy

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Mar 7, 2023

Ukraine's Energy Transformation: Modern Energy Systems Unpacked...

In the face of global climate change, the energy sector is undergoing a significant transformation. Countries worldwide are shifting from traditional fossil fuels to more sustainable, renewable energy sources. Ukraine is no exception, even during the war. The country is in the midst of an energy transformation, with a focus on modern energy systems such as microgrids and alternative, green, and renewable energy.

The Current State of Energy in Ukraine

Ukraine's energy sector is currently divided among four main stakeholders, each advocating for different energy solutions. These include a consortium committed to fast renovations of buildings and piloting various green technologies, a team working on hydrogen battery storage and production, a group advocating for diesel generators and boilers across the country, and a heavily USaid-sponsored group pushing for LNG gas and gas boilers nationwide.

However, a glaring issue has been raised: 95% of the EU's investments in support of Ukraine's energy in 2022-2023 were allocated to fossil fuel strategies, even though these projects will continue until 2030. This is in stark contrast to the 5,700 solar panels in the recent plan

The Role of LightMirror

LightMirror, a sustainable building engineering solutions startup, is leading a consortium for fast renovations of buildings and piloting various green technologies. The company has recently secured funding from the Polish government, EIT ClimateKIC, and is in the final stages of securing investments from the European Innovation Council (EIC). LightMirror's renovation plan involves installing controllable reflective panels to bring sunlight into hospitals and care homes, reducing heating needs. This strategy not only decentralizes heating production across the city, building better resilience, but also addresses the lack of natural light in healthcare buildings, which can help speed up the healing process by reinforcing circadian rhythms and reduce stress and anxiety among healthcare workers.

The Call for More Sustainable Energy Solutions

Despite the progress made by LightMirror and other stakeholders, there is a pressing need for more conscious action from the EU. The current investment in fossil fuel strategies is not sustainable in the long run, and a shift towards more renewable energy solutions is necessary. The construction industry trade union has supported this call, criticizing the EU's lack of leadership and planning for ReBuild Ukraine. They emphasized the need to prevent future aid from being exploited only by the US and China companies after the war.

The Future of Energy in Ukraine

The future of energy in Ukraine lies in sustainable, renewable energy solutions. LightMirror is actively seeking more companies and funding to support its mission of transforming Ukraine's energy sector. The company is also exploring various financing options, including commercial loans, savings, and purchase agreements, to fund their sustainable energy projects. They are also looking into digitalization tools for energy-efficient renovations.


The transformation of Ukraine's energy sector is a complex and challenging task. However, with the commitment and dedication of stakeholders like LightMirror, a more sustainable future is within reach. It's time to demand a more sustainable approach to rebuilding Ukraine. We need strong EU leadership and well-thought-out plans that prioritize the environment, the Ukrainian people, and their future.

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