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Saaremaa lighthouse


31 mars 2023


Midjourney AI generated, upscaled and modified by Dimitri


Full screen painting



Welcome to 'Saaremaa Lighthouse', where each fresco serves as a beacon of comfort, echoing the lighthouse's steady and comforting presence.


Immerse yourself in the tranquil seascape of 'Saaremaa Lighthouse,' where the comfort of a beacon mirrors the healing power of serene surroundings. Created with a restorative vision in mind, the fresco showcases a tranquil seaside scene, a homage to serenity sculpted for hospital spaces.

At the center, a lighthouse stands tall, echoing hope and guidance against the backdrop of a pristine sandy beach. As gentle waves lap against the shore, they weave a soothing narrative of calm and balance. The fresco unfolds this narrative in a realistic style with fluid, subtle brushstrokes, and a harmonious color palette of soft blues and gentle neutrals. The warmth of the scene is accentuated by the delicate golden glow, casting comforting shadows and highlights on the sand and water, making 'Saaremaa Lighthouse' an epitome of well-being.


The 'Saaremaa Lighthouse' fresco marries the soothing rhythm of nature with the comforting predictability of the lighthouse, an amalgamation that can be traced back to the inspiration drawn by the artist. The tranquility of the seascape and the silent stoicism of the lighthouse bring to mind the works of the French artist Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, particularly his painting 'Houses near the Sea' which adeptly captures the serene relationship between the sea and coastal structures.

Further east, the artist seems to have been influenced by the works of the Armenian marine painter, Ivan Aivazovsky. His piece 'Sea Strait with a lighthouse' showcased his masterful use of light, much like the delicate golden pink glow illuminating 'Saaremaa Lighthouse.'

Thus, 'Saaremaa Lighthouse' serves as an artful conduit connecting the viewer with a landscape that soothes and reassures. It mirrors the comforting constancy of the lighthouse amidst nature's gentle ebb and flow. The soothing imagery, along with the artistic sensibilities drawn from the late 19th and early 20th century, offer a tranquil retreat within a hospital setting, resonating the healing power of art.

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