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31 mars 2023


Midjourney AI generated, upscaled and modified by Dimitri


Full screen painting



Experience the calm of 'Oasis', a collection designed to bring the soothing embrace of nature into your architectural spaces.


The 'Oasis' fresco brings to life a soothing scene that captures a tranquil desert oasis in all its subtle beauty. The viewer's gaze is first drawn to the luminous pool of water that rests at the heart of the fresco. This vibrant water body, shimmering in the golden sunlight, becomes a visual anchor, radiating calmness and serenity throughout the composition.

Surrounding this tranquil waterbody, soft sand dunes undulate gently, their warm hues of gold and tan perfectly contrasting with the cool blue of the pool. The sweeping brushstrokes depicting the sand dunes reflect the free-flowing nature of the wind-sculpted desert landscape, lending a sense of natural dynamism to the fresco.

Overhead, the sky echoes the tranquil theme, painted in an expansive sweep of cerulean blue, with delicate wisps of clouds adding depth and texture to the composition. The overall color palette of warm earth tones balanced with cool blues creates an atmosphere of serene harmony, as if nature itself has struck a chord of peace here amidst the harsh desert landscape.


The 'Oasis' bears the significant influence of two painters from the period between 1800 and 1910. On one hand, we have the celebrated French artist Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, known for his masterful landscape paintings. Though he didn't specifically focus on desert or oasis scenes, his painting 'Orpheus Leading Eurydice from the Underworld' (1861), with its intricate interplay of light and shadow, and its tranquil woodland pool, resonates with the peaceful ambience of 'Oasis'.

Camille Pissarro, known for his rural and urban French landscapes. Though he didn't paint a typical 'oasis', his painting "The Marne at Chennevières" (1864-65), captures a serene riverside scene that is imbued with an 'oasis-like' tranquility. With the shimmering river, verdant foliage, and peaceful rural landscape, Pissarro's painting exudes a serene ambiance reminiscent of a tranquil oasis.

The painting's luminous quality, achieved through the artist's distinct impressionist brushwork and radiant color palette, aligns with the calming ambiance presented in our 'Oasis' fresco. His approach to painting water, in particular, with dappled light effects and reflections, resonates deeply with the depiction of the crystal-clear pool in our fresco.

Thus, 'Oasis', drawing upon the inspirations of these two masters, blends realism with tranquillity to deliver a scene that radiates calmness and serenity. It takes the viewer on a journey, inviting them to pause and find respite, much like the weary travelers in the desert finding their haven in an oasis.

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