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Healing Hill


31 mars 2023


Midjourney AI generated, upscaled and modified by Dimitri


Full screen painting



Be drawn into the serene world of 'Healing Hill', where our frescoes transform walls into sunny landscapes of peace.


Be drawn into the serene world of 'Healing Hill', a transformative fresco that metamorphoses architectural confines into sunlit, peace-inducing landscapes. Composed with a vision of healing in mind, the painting exhibits a quiet landscape of undulating hills carpeted with verdant, swaying grass, designed especially for the restorative ambiance of a hospital.

The horizon is etched with the soft hues of a setting sun, draping a warm, tranquil glow across the pastoral scenery. Detailed yet subtle, the fresco is crafted with tender, flowing brushstrokes and a soothing color palette, masterfully blending soft greens, warm oranges, and gentle yellows. The interplay of light and shadow across the rolling terrain creates an inviting atmosphere, painting a picture of serenity and imbuing a sense of well-being.


An examination of the 'Healing Hill' fresco reveals a harmony of natural beauty and human wellbeing, a theme deeply rooted in the artist's inspiration. The artist's homage to tranquillity and balance is evocative of the works of French Impressionist Camille Pissarro, whose paintings like 'Sunset, Bazincourt Steeple' vividly captured the tranquillity of hill landscapes bathed in the glow of sunset.

This fresco is a testament to the integration of the naturalistic detail. It distinctly mirrors the inspiration drawn from the works of the Armenian artist Ivan Aivazovsky. Notably, his painting 'The Ninth Wave' employed similar techniques to cast an intricate dance of light and shadow on the rolling waves.

As a result, 'Healing Hill' becomes a bridge between the viewer and nature, providing an oasis of calm and serenity within the confines of a hospital setting. It masterfully employs the painterly techniques of the late 1800s and early 1900s, enveloping viewers in a tranquil world where nature's healing power offers comfort and balance, vital for patient recovery and relaxation.

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